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SML-1000-MD81-47-LCU SML series CWDM passive mux/demux, 8+1 duplex channels over fiber(1310nm pass through port)

CTC Union Part No.: SML-1000-MD81-47-LCU

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Note: Only the card is sold under this part number. The chassis is sold separately here.

Product description
The core of CWDM application is the passive MUX/DEMUX unit. The new CWDM mux/demuxes from SML-1000 series adopt a modular format. Each mux/demux can be used as standalone or can be installed as card in a simple SML-1000 chassis with 4 slots. And SML-1000-CH chassis can be installed in 19" rack and occupies only 1U of rack space.

The SML-1000-MD81-47-LCU mux/demux bundles the main 8 CWDM channels: 1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571, 1591 and 1611nm and also adds an additional broad channel for 1310nm. This allows the CWDM solution based on this mux/demux to be deployed over an already existing 1310nm connection with a minimum downtime and minimal changes.

Once installed, the SML-1000-MD81 will provide additional 8 CWDM channels for increased capacity. Equipment is able to bundle and respectively unbundle up to 9 different optical wavelengths over a single fiber optic circuit. CWDM technology is basically using a gap of 20nm between each lambda. To assure communications over these wavelengths special CWDM SFP modules must be used. The ninth lambda is the 1310nm wavelength 90nm wide channel that can be used with conventional 1310nm lasers. The ninth channel can be customized and be any other low band CWDM channel (1271to 1331nm).

The complete CWDM mux/demux is the one using all 8 colored CWDM wavelengths doing an 8+1:1 (eightand1311nm-to-one) multiplexing.


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