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CWDM Sigma Links 2000 chassis - 6 slots managed platform

CTC Union Part No.: SML-20-9021R

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Product description
The Sigma Links 2000 chassis is the most demanded managed platform available for CWDM solutions.
Sigma Links 2000 has 6 slots that can accommodate cards such as: transponder cards with 1 or 2 channels, optical mux/demux units with various channels, optical add-drop multiplexers for specific lambdas, SNMP and web based management card or optical protection card for redundancy of CWDM connection. The chassis also provides redundant power supply bays for AC (90-240V) or DC (-18 to -56V) power units.
All line cards are hot-swappable as well as the power supply units, thus eliminating network down-time on every upgrade operation.
One Sigma-Links 2000 chassis can be loaded with a full 8 to 1 CWDM link solution, including the optical redundancy protection card. Sigma Links 2000 is most used chassis solution for remote nodes in the CWDM deployments.

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