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CWDM Sigma Links SNMP and web based management card (2000 or 5000 series)

CTC Union Part No.: SML-20-9210-L

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Product description
The Sigma Links 2000/5000 series is an affordable managed platform for fiber optic transport using a CWDM technology based solution.
SML-20-9210-L card installs in either Sigma Links 2000 or 5000 series chassis and allows SNMP based as well as web based management of cards installed in the chassis. Transponder cards are using SFP modules with Digital Diagnostic functions, reporting parameters to the SNMP card.
One Sigma-Links 2000 chassis can be loaded with a full 8 to 1 CWDM link solution, including the optical redundancy protection card. Sigma Links 2000 is most used chassis solution for remote nodes in the CWDM deployments.

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