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SML-40-MD80-1 CWDM passive mux/demux, 8:1 simplex channels over fiber

Mooseline Part No.: SML-40-MD80-1

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Note: Only the card is sold under this part number. The chassis is sold separately here.

Product description
The core of CWDM application is the passive MUX/DEMUX unit. The new CWDM mux/demuxes from SML-4000 series adopt a modular format. Each mux/demux can be used as standalone or can be installed as card in the high density SML-4000 chassis with 24 slots. The SML-4000-CH chassis can be installed in 19" rack and occupies 4U of rack space.

The SML-40-MD80-1 mux/demux bundles the main 8 CWDM channels: 1471, 1491, 1511, 1531, 1551, 1571, 1591 and 1611nm. This is a single fiber (simplex) mux/demux. This allows the CWDM solution to be run on single strand fibers for a maximum of 4 working channels or it can be used together with a second unit in normal duplex mode.

CWDM technology is basically using a gap of 20nm between each lambda. To assure communications over these wavelengths specialCWDM SFP modules must be used. The SML-4000 series card are available by special order with any combination of CWDM channels, including and CWDM channels available 1271~1611nm (18 channels total).


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