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SML-4000-CH high density chassis for SML-40 series CWDM mux/demux cards, rack 19", 4RU

Mooseline Part No.: SML-4000-CH

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Note: Picture shows a fully loaded chassis. Only the chassis is sold under this part number.

Product description
The new SML-4000-CH high density chassis occupies 4RU space in a 19" rack and holds up to 24 different/independent CWDM or DWDM mux/demux cards from the SML-40 series. Each mux/demux card can be used as standalone or can be installed in one of the SML-4000 chassis 24 slots.

The SML-4000-CH is a rack 19" solution for very high density of CWDM or DWDM filters in a telecom rack. The solution is offering unparalleled density of CWDM or DWDM filters per unit of rack space. All CWDM or DWDM filters can be customized upon customer needs according to number of channels, specific wavelengths, expansion and monitor ports and type of connectors.



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