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CWDM passive mux/demux, 5 or 9 channels over single fiber optic circuit

CTC Union Part No.: SML-50-81X1

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Product description
The core of CWDM application is the passive MUX/DEMUX unit. This equipment is able to bundle and respectively unbundle up to 9 different optical wavelengths over a single fiber optic circuit.
CWDM technology is basically using a gap of 20nm between each lambda. However, there are only 8 lambdas (wavelengths) that are supported by our CWDM system. These wavelengths are:1471nm,1491nm,1511nm,1531nm,1551nm,1571nm,1591nmand1611nmand they are also calledcolored lambdas. To assure communications over these wavelengths specialCWDM SFP modulesmust be used. The ninth lambda is the 1311nm wavelength (still a special narrow band channel) that can be used with appropriate CWDM SFP modules that we also provide. The ninth channel can be customized and be any other low band CWDM channel (1271to 1331nm). For mux/demux customizations, please do not hesitate tocontact us.
The CWDM mux/demux unit has 2 different versions. The cheaper one is the 4+1:1(fourand1311nm-to-one) version in which only 4 colored lambdas and 1311nm are mixed. The special CWDM colored lambdas are: 1531nm, 1551nm, 1571nm and 1591nm. You can have 5 different connections over same fiber optic cable.
The complete CWDM mux/demux is the one using all 8 colored CWDM wavelengths doing an 8+1:1 (eightand1311nm-to-one) multiplexing.

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