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Optical fiber link protection unit, 50ms to restore on alternate fiber

CTC Union Part No.: SML-50-8210-S

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Product description
The SML-50-8210-S is state of the art unit forredundancy protectionof a fiber optic link.
Unit can work on any type of fiber optic circuit. It is fully compatible with any optical wavelengths, from 850nm up to 1610nm. It covers also all kinds of optical communications, no matter the speed rate of connection available.
Actually, this optical protection unit can be used in any fiber optic network, no matter CWDM or singlemode and no matter the communications standard.

The key to successful backup is its ability to switch from main link to alternate (secondary link) in less than 50 miliseconds.

It also has "latching" option, to maintain current position in case of it's own power failure and has three setting options for switching of fiber circuits: Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual.

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