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CWDM one channel Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer

CTC Union Part No.: SML-50-8311

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Product description
One of the most important parts of a flexible CWDM system is theAdd/Drop multiplexerdevice. Coded as SML-50-831X-S, where X digit is changing according to the needed optical wavelength, the Add-Drop multiplexer allows amazing flexibility to the CWDM application.
The one channel OADM is able toextracta single optical wavelength from the CWDM fiber. It has two connections, one for input(Add) and second one for output(Drop) over same chosen wavelength. Using such an OADM device, the single fiber optic CWDM circuit can drop or collect data to a virtuallyunlimited numberof add/drop points over the whole fiber optic length.
Using the Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer (OADM), CWDM applications are no more point to point applications. Several drop points can be inserted over the same fiber circuit for any of the 8+1 wavelengths carried.
Thestrong pointof this particular OADM unit is the ability toreusethe same fiber wavelength. Supposing that some data does not need to go between the very ends of the fiber, but just between some consecutive drop points over the circuit. Using same optical wavelength OADM device, circuits can be established between segments of same fiber, without altering any of the other channels, by simply inserting and dropping same optical channel wavelength each time.
The OADM unit brings true power to the CWDM applications, taking out the most from an already existing fiber optic cable deployment.or switching of fiber circuits: Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual.

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