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CWDM Sigma Links 5000 chassis - 17 slots managed platform

CTC Union Part No.: SML-50-9051R

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Product description
The Sigma Links 5000 chassis is the largest managed platform available for CWDM solutions.
Sigma Links 5000 has 16 slots that can accommodate cards such as: transponder cards with 1 or 2 channels, optical mux/demux units with various channels, optical add-drop multiplexers for specific lambdas or optical protection card for redundancy of CWDM connection. The SigmaLinks 5000 has a dedicated slot for the management card, that accepts SNMP or web control. The chassis also provides redundant power supply bays for AC (90-240V) or DC (-18 to -56V) power units.
All line cards are hot-swappable as well as the power supply units, thus eliminating network down-time on every upgrade operation.
A single Sigma-Links 5000 chassis can be loaded with 2 separate 8+1 to 1 CWDM links, each with optical redundancy, making this chassis a very suitable choice for CWDM aggregation nodes or CWDM repeating points.

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