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Softing 226739 NetXpert XG2 5G Ethernet Cable Tester

Fosco Connect Part No.: 942X041

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Softing 226739 NetXpert XG2 5G Ethernet Cable Tester

The Softing 226739 NetXpert XG2 Performance Tester is used for passive and active network tests of copper cabling with 2.5 and 5Gb/s, as well as active network tests of fiber optic networks up to 1Gb/s. It offers up to 4 different test methods for the evaluation of a data link. Active network tests include: PoE load test, DHCP test, network discovery, trace route, LLDP/CDP detection, Wi-Fi scan, detection & integration of VLANs, identifying duplicate IP addresses, plus IPv4 & IPv6 support. Passive qualification will prove error-free transmission using BERT, check data transmission via SNR & the delay skew, measure cable length and display a color wiring diagram. The LAN network qualifier with a 7" touch screen stores an unlimited number of tests and generates reports in PDF or CSV.

The NetXpert XG2 5G test kit includes the main unit, remote, 2 power supplies, 2 test cables, license upgrade & carry case. It can be upgraded to 10G

Softing NetXpert XG2 Ethernet Performance Tester Datasheet

Softing NetXpert XG2 and XG-PLUS LAN Network Qualifier Brochure



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