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AFL S014397 Fusion Splicer V-Groove Cleaning Kit

Mooseline Part No.: SP1-S014397

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This is AFL Telecommunications' S014397 Fusion Splicer V-Groove Cleaning Kit.

It includes 8 components for effective inspection and cleaning solution for any fusion splicer. It removes dust, dirt, fiber-coating debris and silica deposits generated during fusion process from v-groove surface.

This small, lightweight kit fits easily into a Fujikura splicer transit case, or it may be carried separately in its own case.

Kit contents:

  • Scrubber brush with stiff tapered nylon bristles
  • Sweeper brush with soft nylon bristles
  • Eye loupe with 3X-12X magnification
  • LED pen light with momentary or constant on switching
  • Nonflammable and environmentally safe cleaning fluid
  • Lint-free cotton swabs
  • Illustrated instruction sheet
  • Canvas carrying case


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