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SPC170 Field Technician Service Tool Kit, Soft Case

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC170

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SPC170 Field Technician Service Tool Kit, Soft Case

Products SPC170 Field Technician Service Tool Kit conveniently organizes a huge selection of fastening tools in a compact, Cordura tool case. It includes allen-hex and nut drivers (inch and metric), crimpers, pliers/cutters, wire strippers and more. The unique complement of tools will assist technicians who service anything from state-of-the-art medical equipment to sophisticated electronics. 

The SPC170 kit is supplied in a lightweight, attache-style case with exterior pockets for additional storage space. The case (082X838, no tools) is also available separately. Optional DMM is not included. The 15-pound tool kit measures 18" x 13" x 3.5". Tools come with lifetime warranties; the case has a one year warranty.

The SPC170 Field Service Tool Kit comes in a compact black ballistic nylon case. It was created to address the requirements of field technicians handling the basic repair and maintenance in a variety of different applications. The Backpack Tool Kit includes a very large selection of screwdrivers (both fixed handle and interchangeable blade-type), nutdrivers (inch and metric), ball-end hex drivers (inch and metric) - along with a complete assortment of pliers, cutters, scissors, adjustable wrenches and wire strippers that round out the tool complement. We've even included a professional flashlight and our exclusive 12V battery tester for testing most standby power (UPS) systems and vehicle batteries.

Single zipper, two-pallet design organizes tools, eliminating time-consuming searching. Durable ballistic nylon is lightweight and weather-resistant. You get a large document pocket and two outside zipper pouches for additional bulky items or extra test equipment. Dual web-type handles with padded grip offer easy transport. You can also carry the zippered attache-style case comfortably with our optional  shoulder strap (082X910).

The SPC170 Tool Kit is also available in a backpack case version (SPC170BP) and traditional dual-zippered type carrying case (SPC170X).

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