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SPC170BP Field Technician Service Tool Kit, Backpack

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC170BP

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SPC170BP Field Technician Service Tool Kit, Backpack

Products SPC170BP Field Technician Service Tool Kit conveniently organizes a huge selection of fastening tools in our exclusive backpack tool case. It includes allen-hex and nut drivers (inch and metric), crimpers, pliers/cutters, wire strippers and more. The unique complement of tools will assist technicians who service anything from state-of-the-art medical equipment to sophisticated electronics. 

The SPC170BP kit is supplied in a rugged, weather-resistant backpack case with an assortment of web-type pockets for maximum flexibility. The case (082X792, no tools) is also available separately. Optional DMM is not included. The 15.8-pound tool kit measures 18" x 16" x 6". Tools come with lifetime warranties; the case has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

The SPC170BP Field Service Tool Kit comes in a black Cordura backpack case with three pallets of tools. It was created to address the requirements of field technicians handling the basic repair and maintenance in a variety of different applications. The Backpack Tool Kit includes a very large selection of screwdrivers (both fixed handle and interchangeable blade-type), nutdrivers (inch and metric), ball-end hex drivers (inch and metric) - along with a complete assortment of pliers, cutters, scissors, adjustable wrenches and wire strippers that round out the tool complement. We've even included a professional flashlight and our exclusive 12V battery tester for testing most standby power (UPS) systems and vehicle batteries.

Carry this convenient Backpack Tool Kit comfortably and safely on your back, freeing up your hands when you're on the move. Three pallets unfold to display all the tools at once, eliminating time-consuming searching. A turnbuckle keeps the pallets fastened together when carrying the case. It's ideal if you must hand carry other equipment. An assortment of pockets features polypropylene webbing. You get a large internal document pocket and two outside zipper pouches for additional bulky items. One has a sewn-in safety strap to tie down a PC. When it comes to comfort, you'll appreciate the integral foam panel harness with padded shoulder straps. For versatility and safety, the shoulder straps and waist belt adjust to fit and keep your backpack in place. The black Cordura outer shell is rugged and weather resistant. Heavy-duty industrial-grade dual-sliding zippers provide years of trouble-free service. When you don't want to use it as a traditional backpack, you can hand carry it with the web handles.

The SPC170BP is also available in a standard attache case version (SPC170) and a traditional zippered-type carrying case (SPC170X). 

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