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SPC200KA Field Technician Tool Kit, 8.5" Hard Case

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC200KA

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SPC200KA Field Technician Tool Kit, 8.5" Hard Case

Products SPC200KA Tool Kit provides field service technicians with the most frequently used tools, organized in a high-density polyethylene plastic attache tool case, for a full range of maintenance and repair. It features solder aids, pliers, wire cutters, alignment tools, combo crimper/stripper, Phillips and slotted screwdrivers, nutdrivers from 3/16" to 1/2", cushion grip adjustable wrenches and other tools.

The SPC200KA field technician tool kit is supplied with two pallets (top and bottom) in a heavy duty 8.5" deep attache tool case. The black case 448X208 (no tools) is also available separately.

SPC200KA Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
 Hook and Fork Solder Aid 013X220
 Solder Brush 013X401
 6" Slip Joint Plier 019X526
 10" Utility Plier 030X387
 1/16" Pin Punch 046X089
 1/8" Pin Punch 046X091
 6" Steel Rule 046X616
 Reverse Action Tweezer 048X900
 Fiberglass Solder Aid 049X280
 Diagonal Plier 054X447
 Long Nose Plier 054X470
 Combo Spring Hook Tool 054X530
 Burnishing Tool 054X600
 Tape Measure 062X062
 Jeweler Screwdriver Set 070X014
 Electricians Scissor 083X018
 6" Hemostat Straight 083X020
 Round Inspection Mirror 092X002
 Precision Knife 106X530
 Wire Cutter 169X100
 Slim Needle Nose Plier 169X106
 Fold-Up Hex Set 175X024
 Fold-Up Torx Set 175X026
 Offset Phillips Screwdriver 176X290
 Offset Slotted Screwdriver 176X497
 Nonmetalic Alighment Tool 318X805
 Duplex Alignment Tool 318X845
 7" Standard Locking Plier 321X055
 3/32" Center Punch 528X608
 4" Adjustable Wrench 940X004
 6" Adjustable Wrench 940X006
 Combo Crimp/Strip Tool 10-22AWG 940X016
 1/8" X 3" Screwdriver 940X100
 1/4" X 1-1/2" Screwdriver 940X115
 1/4" X 4" Screwdriver 940X120
 1/4" X 6" Screwdriver 940X125
 #0 X 4" Screwdriver 940X135
 #2 X 1-1/2" Screwdriver 940X150
 #2 X 4" Screwdriver 940X155
 #2 X 6" Screwdriver 940X160
 3/16" Nutdriver 940X171
 1/4" Nutdriver 940X172
 5/16" Nutdriver 940X173
 11/32" Nutdriver 940X174
 3/8" Nutdriver 940X175
 7/16" Nutdriver 940X176
 1/2" Nutdriver 940X177
 SPC200KA Case w/ Pallets 082X250


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