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SPC325R-01 LAN/Telecom Premise Wiring Tool Kit+177 DMM, 5.5" HC

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC325R-01

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SPC325R-01 LAN/Telecom Premise Wiring Tool Kit+177 DMM, 5.5" HC

The Specialized Products SPC325R-01 LAN/ Telecom Premise Wiring Tool Kit conveniently features a full assortment of installation and maintenance tools designed to assist the basic needs of premise technicians. It offers a selection of screwdrivers, hex, torx and nut drivers, pliers/cutters, a tone and probe generator and much more.

The SPC325R-01 is supplied in a heavy-duty 5.5" deep roto-classic case. The case (no tools) is also available separately. The 19-pound tool kit measures 17.5" x 12.5" x 5.5" (inside dimensions). Tools come with lifetime warranties; the case has a one-year warranty. Includes the Fluke 177 DMM, with a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer. 

See SPECIFICATIONS TAB for the complete list of tools.

SPC325R-01 Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
 CAT III 1000-V DMM w/ Backlight 045X344
 6" Slip Joint Plier 019X526
 4" Serrated Long Nose Plier 030X535
 Diagonal Cutting Plier 030X580
 Pro3000 Analog Probe 044X022
 Pro3000 Analog Tone Generator 044X024
 6" Standard Long-Nose Plier with Side Cutters 060X020
 5" Cutter with Strip Notch 060X201
 16' Tape Measure 062x062
 Splicer's Snips 083X018
 Double Ended Screwstarter for Slotted and Phillips Screws 092X038
 Standard Precision Knife 106X530
 Nutdriver, 3/16" 108X006
 Nutdriver, 1/4" 108X010
 Nutdriver, 5/16" 108X016
 Nutdriver, 3/8" 108X022
 6 5/8" Slot Screwdriver 108X562
 10 1/2" Slot Screwdriver 108X596
 #0 Phillips Screwdriver 108X800
 #1 Phillips Screwdriver 108X801
 #2 Phillips Screwdriver 108X802
 T10 Torx Driver 108X930
 T15 Torx Driver 108X932
 T20 Torx Driver 108X934
 T25 Torx Driver 108X936
 Slotted Pocket Clip Screwdriver 169x200
 Phillips Pocket Clip Screwdriver 169x201
 8-Piece Balldriver Set 175X930
 6-Piece Balldriver Set 175X935
 LED AAA Penlight 250X050
 Sharpie, Black Fine Point 300X022
 CAT-5 UTP Connector Kit 300x205
 5 Inch Vise-Grip Plier 321X020
 Phone Line Modular Adapter 350X090
 Telecom Probe Pic 350X845
 Cable Cutter Data T-Cutter, 5.5" 370X181
 E-Z CHECK Plus GFCI Tester / Receptacle Tester 370X441
 JackTest+ Single Ended RJ45 / RJ11 Tester 686X312
 Battery/ Alternator Tester 740X817
 2-in-1, Phillips and Slot Screwdriver 749X270
 Punch Down Tool With 110/66 Blade 904X425
 15/16" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip 940x006
 Spectris Tool S2028 Wire Stripper, 16-26 AWG 940X010
 Top Pallet for Roto-Classic Case 040X395
 Bottom Pallet for Roto-Classic Case 040X396
 Roto-Classic, 5.5" Case - No Pallets 448X205


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