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SPC47D-01 Standard Field Engineer Tool Kit w/DMM, 6" Molded Case

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC47D-01

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SPC47D-01 Standard Field Engineer Tool Kit w/DMM, 6" Molded Case

Products SPC47D-01 Tool Kit, with a digital multimeter, includes the fundamental tools for routine field repairs on a wide variety of electronic and small electro-mechanical equipment. It features a complete selection of screwdrivers, nutdrivers, combination wrenches, hex tools, crimp tools, pliers, cutters and much more. All tools are conveniently arranged on two removable pallets. 

The SPC47D-01 is supplied in a 6" lightweight case. The black attache injection molded tool case (082X246, no tools) is also available separately. Fluke 177 DMM is included. The 19-pound tool kit measures 17.5" x 12.5" x 6" (case inside dimensions). Tools carry lifetime warranties; the case has one-year warranty.

The SPC47D-01 is supplied with the recommended Fluke 177 DMM in our 6-inch black injection-molded case that is favored for its compact sleek lines and relative light weight. Featured in this kit is a traditional set of basic tools to service a wide variety of electronic equipment. It consists of a carefully selected complement of electronic-type hand tools that's unlike most of our others. It offers all fixed-handle fastening tools (screwdrivers and nutdrivers) for customers who prefer the traditional style of tool over the blade type commonly used in most kits today.

Most standard and necessary tools are included like small and medium-sized pliers and cutters, a complete set of small combination wrenches, vise grip pliers, a pair of electrician's-type scissors, a grounded soldering iron, crimp tool, adjustable wrench and wire stripper. We've also added many specialty tools like a Bondhus balldriver hex set, an Edsyn conductive desoldering tool and the 3M/AP IC test clip.

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