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SPC710 Coax Test Installation Tool Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC710

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SPC710 Coax Test Installation Tool Kit

The Specialized Products SPC710 Tool Kit combines all tools required for coax cables preparation and installation. The COAXtracker cable tester, with built-in tone generator, will quickly troubleshoot multi-run cables. A cable cutter cuts coax cable along with the interior steel conductor. The "Big Red" Multi-Stripper cable and wire stripping tool offers the braid comb and Velcro for folding the braid back over the cable jacket. SealSmart waterproof nickel-plated F compression connectors and COBRA 360 coax compression tool provide reliable terminations.

The SPC710 kit includes a cable cutter, cable & wire stripper/cutter, BLUE RG6 quad coax F-connectors (25), BLACK RG6 coax F-connectors (25), RED RG59 coax F-connectors (25), crimp tool, COAXtracker CT800-1, flashlight, F-F coax cable adapter (10), 2-way coax splitter, and a heavy-duty tool case with 12 small compartments (upper tier) and 6 larger compartments (lower tier).



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