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SPC775 RG6 Coax Troubleshoot & Repair Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC775

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SPC775 RG6 Coax Troubleshoot & Repair Kit

The Specialized Products SPC775 Tool Kit features SealSmart waterproof nickel-plated F compression connectors (color-coded BLACK for RG6 cable type), plus all tools required to troubleshoot and repair RG6 coax installations. It offers a cable cutter, adjustable cable and wire stripper/cutter with the braid comb and Velcro, a compact and ergonomic coax crimper with self-releasing dogs to provide 360° connector support, coax mapper, remote terminators and more!

The SPC775 kit includes F compression connectors for RG6 (50), cable cutter, multi-stripper, 7-7/8'' x 3/32'' nylon cable ties (100), coax crimper, 3/4" x 60' vinyl electrical tape, COAXtracker8 set, F-F coax cable adapter (10), 2-way coax splitter (2), RG6 shield coax cable, 16 oz curved claw wood handle nailing hammer, flashlight, 1/4" slotted and #2 Phillips screwdrivers. All tools come organized in a 21-pocket zippered pouch with an adjustable shoulder strap.

SPC775 Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
 16 oz Curved Claw Wood Handle Nailing Hammer 087X459
 21-Pocket Zippered Tool Pouch 111X509
 CCS-6 Cable Cutter 168X091
 BR1 Multi-Stripper 168X111
 F Connectors RG6, 25/Pk (2) 168X179
 Black 7-7/8" Nylon Cable Ties, 100/Pk 169X938
 Coax Compression Tool 304X230
 Black Vinyl Electrical Tape, 3/4" x 60' 598X475
 8-Way COAX Tester Set 686X800
 Mini Maglite AA Flashlight 750X500
 F-F Coax Cable Adapter (10) 893X005
 2-Way Coax Splitter (2) 893X010
 RG6 Shield Coax Cable, 100 ft 893X020
 1/4" x 4" Slotted Screwdriver 940X120
 1/4" x 6" Slotted Screwdriver 940X125
 #2 x 4" Phillips Screwdriver 940X155
 #2 x 6" Phillips Screwdriver 940X160


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