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SPC82BP-01 Field Service Tool Kit w/Fluke 177 DMM, Backpack

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC82BP-01

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SPC82BP-01 Field Service Tool Kit w/Fluke 177 DMM, Backpack

Products SPC82BP-01 Professional Field Service Tool Kit, with the Fluke 177 True RMS digital multimeter, is designed to meet the needs of every engineer working with a variety of electronic equipment. The kit features Klein Tools pliers, cutters, cushion-grip screwdrivers and nutdrivers, Leatherman multi-tool, Spectris Tool wire stripper/crimper combo tool and adjustable wrenches, Craftsman wrench set, Bondhus hex set and other tools. Each tool (even those in sets) is secured in its own individual pocket on three pallets. 

The SPC82BP-01 tool kit is conveniently organized in a rugged, weather-resistant backpack case for hands-free carrying. It has a winged pallet with three surfaces of pockets, dual-sliding zippers and padded adjustable straps. The black soft-sided backpack tool case (082x793, no tools) is also available separately. The 11.3-pound  kit measures 18" x 16" x 6". Tools carry lifetime warranties; the case has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

This convenient Tuff-Light backpack tool kit includes the recommended Fluke 177 DMM. Carry the SPC82BP-01 comfortably and safely on your back, freeing up your hands when you're on the move. Three pallets unfold to display all the multi-purpose Field Engineer Service Kit tools at once, eliminating time-consuming searching. A turnbuckle keeps the pallets fastened together when carrying the case. It's ideal if you must hand carry other equipment. Assorted pockets feature polypropylene webbing. You get a large internal document pocket and two outside zipper pouches for additional bulky items. One has a sewn-in safety strap to tie down a laptop. When it comes to comfort, you'll appreciate the integral foam panel harness and padded shoulder straps. For versatility and safety, shoulder straps and waist belt adjust to fit and keep your backpack in place. The black Cordura outer shell is rugged and weather resistant. Heavy-duty industrial-grade dual-sliding zippers provide years of trouble-free service. You can also hand carry this kit with the web handles.

Our most versatile tool complement was created for use across multiple industries. We've compiled the most popular and best quality tools from our vast product offering. Then we went further and added multi-tasking tools, so this exclusive kit will meet the needs of every engineer. We even included tool sets - rather than individual tools - without adding to the price! We selected superior tools bearing the top brand names in the industry: Klein, Leatherman, Bondhus, Harris, Crescent, Xcelite and Cooper.

From Klein, we chose the most popular cushion-grip screwdrivers and nutdrivers for maximum turning power without discomfort plus a broad assortment of industrial-standard pliers and cutters. Tip-Ident® nutdrivers allow easy tool type identification. From Leatherman, you get the original Pocket Survival Tool, the most popular multi-purpose tool of its kind. It includes knife, hard-wire and wire cutters, four screwdrivers, needlenose and regular pliers, metal/wood file, 8" ruler, can/bottle opener and awl/punch. The multi-purpose Bondhus Torx Foldup is an eight-piece tool set in one handle with a clever flip and turn design. Also from Bondhus is a 13-piece precision Balldriver® L-wrench set, an upgrade from the usual hex keys because their unique ball-type construction allows operation from any angle. We added high-end, high-tech Harris D-snips. The unique ergonomically designed handle on this industry-standard tool leverages your power, providing one and a half times the cutting force with half the effort. You also get Wiha's precision seven-piece screwdriver set with fingertip rotation cups for added control. It includes 00, 0 and 1 Phillips plus 1.5-, 2-, 2.5- and 3-mm slotted. We've carefully selected every item down to the finest details to include the most popular large circular extendable mirror and a Rayovac® industrial flashlight rather than the usual disposable one.

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