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SPC82RD-01 Professional Field Service Kit w/DMM, 8.5" Hard Case

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC82RD-01

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SPC82RD-01 Professional Field Service Kit w/DMM, 8.5" Hard Case

Products SPC82RD-01 Professional Field Service Tool Kit, with a digital multimeter, is designed to meet the needs of every engineer working with a variety of electronic equipment. The kit features Klein Tools pliers, cutters, cushion-grip screwdrivers and nutdrivers, Leatherman multi-tool, Spectris Tool wire stripper/ crimper combo tool and adjustable wrenches, Craftsman wrench set, Bondhus hex set and other tools. Each tool (even those in sets) is secured in its own individual pocket on two removable pallets. Extra storage space is provided under the bottom pallet.

The SPC82RD-01 tool kit is supplied in an 8.5" deep attaché roto-classic case with removable pallets. The black tool case (082x398, no tools) is also available separately. Fluke 177 DMM is included. The 22-pound tool kit measures 17.5" x 12.5" x 8.5" (case inside dimensions). Tools carry lifetime warranties; the case has a one-year warranty. 

Order the comprehensive SPC82RD-01 that includes the recommended Fluke 177 DMM in a deep black roto-classic case that has a unique manufacture and provides uniform thickness, even on corners. Virtually indestructible, it can be checked as airline baggage. Features include twist latch in lid to secure top pallet, combination lock and full piano hinge. This case has an all-black appearance; even the valance is coated with black epoxy. Its beautiful textured finish makes it impervious to extreme temperatures and solvents.

Model SPC82RD-01 is packed with everything today's field service engineers are requesting. Our most versatile tool complement was created for use across multiple industries. We've compiled the most popular and best quality tools from our vast product offering. Then we went further and added multi-tasking tools, so this exclusive kit will meet the needs of every engineer. We even included tool sets - rather than individual tools - without adding to the price! But we weren't satisfied with just offering all the standard repair tools you might need. We selected superior tools bearing the top brand names in the industry: Klein, Leatherman, Bondhus, Harris, Crescent, Xcelite and Cooper.

From Klein, we chose the most popular cushion-grip screwdrivers and nutdrivers for maximum turning power without discomfort plus a broad assortment of industrial-standard pliers and cutters. Tip-Ident® nutdrivers allow easy tool type identification. From Leatherman, you get the original Pocket Survival Tool, the most popular multi-purpose tool of its kind. It includes knife, hard-wire and wire cutters, four screwdrivers, needlenose and regular pliers, metal/wood file, 8" ruler, can/bottle opener and awl/punch. The multi-purpose Bondhus Torx Foldup is an eight-piece tool set in one handle with a clever flip and turn design. Also from Bondhus is a 13-piece precision Balldriver® L-wrench set, an upgrade from the usual hex keys because their unique ball-type construction allows operation from any angle. We added high-end, high-tech Harris D-snips. The unique ergonomically designed handle on this industry-standard tool leverages your power, providing one and a half times the cutting force with half the effort. You also get Wiha's precision seven-piece screwdriver set with fingertip rotation cups for added control. It includes 00, 0 and 1 Phillips plus 1.5-, 2-, 2.5- and 3-mm slotted. We've carefully selected every item down to the finest details to include the most popular large circular extendable mirror and a Rayovac® industrial flashlight rather than the usual disposable one.

SPC82RD-01 Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
 CAT III 1000-V DMM w/ Backlight 045X344
 10" Utility Plier 030X387
 3/32" Center Punch 046X084
 1/16" Pin Punch 046X089
 1/8" Pin Punch 046X091
 Stainless Steel Ruler 6" 046X298
 Self-Closing Tweezer 048X900
 Screw-Holding Screwdriver 1/8" x 8", 10" in Length 056X100
 6" Standard Long-Nose Plier with Side Cutters 060X020
 5" Diagonal Cutter Plier 060X060
 5" Cutter with Strip Notch 060X201
 3/16" x 4" Cushion Grip Screwdriver 060X203
 7 3/4" Cush.-Grip Screwdriver 060X213
 8 11/32" Cush.-Grip Screwdriver 060X220
 10 15/16" Cush-Grip Scrdriver 060X221
 #2 Stubby Phillips Cushion Grip 060X230
 Phillips Screwdriver #1 060X232
 Phillips Screwdriver #2 060X233
 7/16" Cushion Grip Nutdriver 060X302
 1/2" Cushion Grip Nutdriver 060X303
 3/8" Cushion Grip Nutdriver 060X304
 5/16" Cushion Grip Nutdriver 060X306
 11/32" Cushion Grip Nutdriver 060X309
 16' Tape Measure 062x062
 Machinist Scribe 070X510
 4-Oz. Ball Pein Hammer 087X504
 Large Round Mirror 092X022
 Standard Precision Knife 106X530
 Sidekick Multi-tool 137x355
 Torx Fold-up Tool 175X026
 13-Piece Balldriver Set 175X927
 Slot/Phillips Screwdriver Set 175X998
 AA-Size Industrial Flashlight 250X100
 8-PC Ignition Wrench Set 267x034
 Break-Resistant Wire Spudger 303X683
 Duplex Aligner Tool 318X845
 Ergonomic Electrician's D-Snips 350X780
 1/2" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip 940x004
 1 1/8" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip 940x008
 Spectris Tool S2028 Wire Stripper, 16-26 AWG 940X010
 Spectris Tool S2030 Wire Stripper/ Crimper Combo Tool, 10-22 AWG 940X016
 Roto-Classic,8.5" Case with Pallets 082X398



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