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SPC88R-01 Field Engineer Electronics Kit w/DMM, 5.5" Hard Case

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC88R-01

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SPC88R-01 Field Engineer Electronics Kit w/DMM, 5.5" Hard Case

SPC88R-01 Electronics Tool Kit, with a multimeter, was designed to perform the most basic field repairs of electronic equipment. It offers screwdrivers, pliers and cutters, soldering iron, crimp tools, nut drivers, allen hex and spline tools for the very popular Xcelite 99-series interchangeable tool blade system. All tools are conveniently arranged on two removable pallet surfaces. Extra storage space is provided under the bottom pallet. 

The SPC88R-01 is supplied in a heavy duty 5.5" deep roto-classic case. The black attache travel tool case (082X384, no tools) is also available separately. Fluke 177 DMM is included. The 22-pound kit measures 17.5" x 12.5" x 5.5" (case inside dimensions). Tools carry lifetime warranties; the case has a one-year warranty. 

For the Field Service Engineer Kit with the recommended Fluke 177 DMM in a black 5.5-inch roto-classic case, choose SPC88R-01. This kit is designed for working on a wide range of electronic equipment in such diverse industries as computer field service, office products repair, automated process maintenance and medical equipment repair. The SPC88 complement of almost 90 high-quality tools has become the standard of the industry. Everything the field engineer needs to install, service or repair sophisticated electronic equipment is included. You get screwdrivers, nutdrivers, pliers/cutters, hex tools, crimp tool, wire strippers, soldering iron retaining ring pliers and more. 

This popular standard-size polyethylene version has a unique manufacture that provides uniform thickness, even on corners. Virtually indestructible, it can be checked as airline baggage. Features include twist latch in lid to secure top pallet, combination lock and full piano hinge. This attractive case has an all-black appearance; even the valance is coated with black epoxy. Its beautiful textured finish makes it impervious to extreme temperatures and solvents.

SPC88R-01 Tool Kit List

 Description Stock Number
 CAT III 1000-V DMM w/ Backlight 045X344
 Brush/Fork Tip 013X260
 Insulated Inspection Mirror 013X700
 10" Utility Plier 030X387
 4" Serrated Long Nose Plier 030X535
 Diagonal Cutting Plier 030X580
 3/32" Center Punch 046X084
 1/16" Pin Punch 046X089
 1/8" Pin Punch 046X091
 Stainless Steel Ruler 6" 046X298
 Combo Ratchet Scrwdrvr 046X809
 Self-Closing Tweezer 048X900
 Long Nose D Pliers 054X470
 Contact Burnisher Set, 3-Pc. 054X600
 Screw-Holding Screwdriver 1/8"X8", 10"Length 056X100
 Acu-Min Jeweler Set 070X014
 Machinist Scribe 070X510
 Internal Ring Plier 075X389
 External Ring Plier 075X391
 Low-Cost Splicer's Snips 083X018
 4-Oz. Ball Pein Hammer 087X504
 Five Inch Oval Head Diagonal Cutter 098X060
 Soldering Iron 25-Watt, 3-Wire 104X901
 Standard Precision Knife 106X530
 Regular Tool Handle 108X158
 Junior Hand-Tool Handle 108X160
 3/16" Nutdriver Blade 108X170
 7/32" Nutdriver Blade 108X172
 1/4" Nutdriver Blade 108X175
 9/32" Nutdriver Blade 108X178
 5/16" Nutdriver Blade 108X180
 11/32" Nutdriver Blade 108X183
 3/8" Nutdriver Blade 108X185
 7/16" Nutdriver Blade 108X187
 1/2" Nutdriver Blade 108X188
 .050" Hex Blade 108X195
 1/16" Hex Blade 108X197
 5/64" Hex Blade 108X199
 3/32" Hex Blade 108X201
 1/8" Hex Blade 108X203
 5/32"   Allen Hex Blade 108X205
 3/16" Allen Hex Blade 108X207
 Spline Blade, .048" 108X212
 Spline Blade, .060" 108X213
 Spline Blade, .069" 108X214
 Spline Blade, .072" 108X215
 Spline Blade, .076" 108X216
 Spline Blade, .096" 108X217
 7/64" Hex Blade 108X246
 9/64" Hex Blade 108X260
 4 1/4" x 3/32" Slot Screwdriver 108X588
 3-1/2" 2-Blade Electrician's Knife 211X767
 LED AAA Penlight 250x050
 25 Leaf Feeler Gauge 267x010
 8pc Ignition Wrench Set 267x034
 Alignment Tool 318X805
 Duplex Aligner Tool 318X845
 22-30 AWG Single T-Stripper 370X215
 1/2" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip 940x004
 1 1/8" Wide-Capacity Adjustable Wrench with Cushion Grip 940x008
 Spectris Tool S2030 Wire Stripper/ Crimper Combo Tool, 10-22 AWG 940X016
 1/8" X 3" Slotted Screwdriver 940x100
 1/8" x 6" Slotted Screwdriver 940x105
 3/16" X 3" Slotted Screwdriver 940x110
 1/4" x 1-1/2" Slotted Screwdriver 940x115
 1/4" X 4" Slotted Screwdriver 940x120
 5/16" X 6" Slotted Screwdriver 940x130
 #0 X 4" Phillips Screwdriver 940x135
 #1 X 3" Phillips Screwdriver 940x140
 #2 X 1-1/2" Phillips Screwdriver 940x150
 #2 X 4" Phillips Screwdriver 940x155
 Top Pallet for Roto-Classic Case 526X088
 Bottom Pallet for Roto-Classic Case 526X089
 Roto-Classic,5.5" Case - No Pallets 448X205


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