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SPC965C High Voltage Site Maintenance Tool Kit, 10" Wheeled

Fosco Connect Part No.: SPC965C

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SPC965C High Voltage Site Maintenance Tool Kit, 10" Wheeled

The SPC965C High Voltage Site Maintenance Tool Kit is designed to provide maximum safety for technicians during high voltage operations. It contains a complement of insulated tools including pliers, strippers, screwdrivers, nutdrivers, wrenches, sockets and other tools. High voltage double-insulated tools are tested to 10,000 volts and rated for use up to 1000 VAC and 1500 DC.

The SPC965C 1000V insulated tool kit is organized in a heavy-duty high-visibility tool case, with a 3-pallet design. The yellow rolling case (no tools) is also available separately. The 45-pound kit measures 17.5" x 14.5" x 10" (case inside dimensions). Optional DMM is not included. Tools carry a lifetime warranty on mechanical parts with one-year guarantee on insulation. The case has a one-year warranty.

This special double insulated tool kit is carefully designed with safety in mind. Tools included in this kit are tested to 10,000 VAC, rated for 1000 VAC live-line use and marked with the international 1000-V symbol. They comply with IEC 900 standard for insulated hand tools and ASTM F-1505 standard for insulated hand-held tools. Cementex double insulated tools meet OSHA requirements in safe work place practice standards of 29CFR1910.269, 29CFR1910.333 (b) and 29CFR1910.335 (a) (2). Safety gloves are rated for use up to 500 V max. The kit is for use in potentially hazardous electrical work environments. Each tool is impact-resistant, as well as flame-retardant which provides protection against flashover shock, burns and dropped tool shorts. It is recommended to inspect every tool prior to each use. If the yellow insulation is visible through the orange outer layer, the tool is no longer safe to use in hot work situations.

The SPC965C tool kit is supplied in a roto-rugged yellow rolling tool case, ribbed for added strength. It features a padded steel core handle, two keyed draw bolt latches, black painted aluminum frame, full piano hinge and combo lock. Three removable pallets are specifically designed to fit inside this kit organize insulated tools. 



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