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TFOCA II (Jam Nut Receptacle) to SC/UPC Single Mode Fiber Cable Assembly, 12 Channels, 10 Feet
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TFOCA II (Jam Nut Receptacle) to SC/UPC Single Mode Fiber Cable Assembly, 12 Channels, 10 Feet

Mooseline Part No.: T-3-T2R-YU-S-10-FBL-12

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TFOCA II (Jam Nut Receptacle) to SC/UPC Single Mode Fiber Cable Assembly, 12 Channels, 10 Feet

Amphenol Fiber Systems International TFOCA and TFOCA II† are designed to withstand repeated handing and mating cycles typically required for rapid fiber optic cable deployment and retrieval in a tactical environment.

TFOCA is the replacement for US Army and US Marine Corps legacy systems with TFOCA (AT&T). It's a hermaphroditic design for multimode or singlemode fiber utilizing Biconic termini.

The hermaphroditic TFOCA-II† connector series was designed specifically for use in harsh environments. In fact, the U.S. Army has standardized on the 4-channel TFOCA-II† connector as the next generation fiber optic connector for military tactical deployable network applications.

Cable assemblies are available with a variety of user specified deployable spool options. Spooling options can be customized to include a hub divider which allows a single spool to contain two independent TFOCA-II† cable assemblies. This feature is ideal for situations where it is desirable to deploy a reel with a primary and backup tactical cable. Contact your Mooseline sales representative to discuss your TFOCAII † tactical cable requirements.


  • TFOCA-II† assemblies can be delivered preloaded on tactical reels to meet your deployment needs.
  • The TFOCA-II† fiber optic connectors include sealed free floating termini. This termini design allows TFOCA-II† connectors to seal against high humidity and moisture conditions. The floating termini allows for movement of the mated termini, yielding low insertion loss minimal back reflection.
  • Single mode and multimode termini are available.
  • Solid Core Alignment Sleeves utilized in TFOCA-II† connectors provide more robust termini mating and alignment than conventional split-core sleeves.
  • TFOCA-II connectors are available in any of four keying configurations; 1,2,3 and universal. These keying options enable segregation of mated plug/receptacles or plug/plug pairs.
  • Mating jam nut and flange mount style receptacles are available with preterminated fiber to meet your cabling and equipment interface requirements.


  • Broadcast Industry
  • Satellite Ground Station
  • Industrial Harsh Environment
  • Emergency Fiber Restoration Service
  • Tactical Harsh Environment
  • Mobile Communications
  • Oil/Gas /Geological Industries


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