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T-FH5313PK - Optical-Grade Epoxy, 6 g

Fosco Connect Part No.: T-FH5313PK

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T-FH5313PK - Optical-Grade Epoxy, 6 g

  • Ideal for Bonding Optical Substrates
  • >90% Optical Transmission from 360 nm - 2100 nm
  • Refractive Index: 1.66
  • Continuous Operation at Temperatures up to 200 °F
  • Tensile Strength: 7800 psi
  • Flexure Strength: 14,800 psi
  • Low Outgassing

The T-FH5313PK Optical-Grade Epoxy is ideal for bonding optical substrates, potting, and encapsulation. It has >90% transmission from 360 nm - 2100 nm as well as good chemical resistance, mechanical strength, and thermal stability. Its low outgassing enables use in space-borne systems. This two-component epoxy has a cure time of 48 hours at room temperature; the cure time can be accelerated to 5 hours at 122 °F (50 °C). The epoxy is packaged in two separate bags with a net weight of 6 grams.

Dangerous Goods
The T-FH5313PK epoxy is classified as dangerous goods in some countries. Depending on the delivery location, this item may need to be shipped separately from the rest of your order (and possibly with a different carrier) at an additional charge. Please contact our sales department if there are questions or concerns when placing an order for this item.

Shelf Life
When stored at room temperature, the T-FH5313PK epoxy has a shelf life of of 365 days. The shelf life is extended to 12 years when stored at 12 °C. This time frame begins on the date the epoxy was packaged at the manufacturer. Upon receipt by the end user, Our guarantees that the remaining shelf life will be at least 3 months.


Summary of Lamination Process
Pre-Bake in Dry, Clean Oven
(Plastic Substrate Only)
Temperature 85 °C
Duration 2 - 5 Hours
Sample Preparation Environment Class 10K Cleanroom or Better
Temperature ≥24 °C
Tools Wipes, Air Ionizer Gun, Isopropyl Alcohol
Lamination Environment Class 10K Cleanroom or Better
Temperature ≥24 °C
Tools Vacuum Table or Polyester Tape, Roller
Autoclave Temperature 30 - 60 °C
Pressure 70 - 100 PSI
Duration 20 - 60 Minutes


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