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T-K6-NOA - Adhesive Kit (Contains All 6 of the NOA UV Curable Adhesives)

Fosco Connect Part No.: T-K6-NOA

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T-K6-NOA - Adhesive Kit (Contains All 6 of the NOA UV Curable Adhesives)

The T-K6-NOA kit includes all six of the NOA UV curable optical adhesives above together with application data on each of the adhesives. The kit does not include the T-NBA107 block adhesive for temporary bonding of glass to metal.


  • Low Shrinkage (1.5%) and Low Stress
  • Strong Glass-Metal, Glass-Glass, and Glass-Plastic Bonds
  • Recommended UV Curing Intensity >2 mW/cm2 @ 365 nm
  • Dispenser Bottle Contains 1 oz. (NOA Products) or 100 g (T-NBA107) of Adhesive

Norland Optic Adhesives are clear, one part adhesives that contain no solvents. When exposed to UV light, they gel in seconds and cure fully in minutes to give a tough resilient bond. Each of the six formulas listed below has been optimized to provide excellent bonding for specific applications. To cure these optical adhesives, they must be exposed to UV light.

Shelf Life
These UV-curing adhesives have a shelf life of approximately 8 months. This time frame begins on the date the epoxy was packaged at the manufacturer. Upon receipt by the end user, Our guarantees that the remaining shelf life will be at least 3 months.



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