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T-PS990 - Dove Prism, A = 5 mm, N-BK7, Uncoated

Fosco Connect Part No.: T-PS990

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T-PS990 - Dove Prism, A = 5 mm, N-BK7, Uncoated

  • Rotate and Invert an Image or Retroreflect Light
  • Offered Uncoated in Six Face Widths: 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, and 30 mm
  • 15 mm Size Also Available with One of Two AR Coatings
    • 350 - 700 nm
    • 650 - 1050 nm
  • Uncoated N-BK7 for the 350 nm to 2.0 µm Wavelength Range
  • Available in Six Sizes (See Table and Diagram to the Right)
  • Rotate, Invert, or Retroreflect an Image
General Specifications
Material N-BK7
Clear Aperture >70% of Max Face Length and Widthb
Surface Quality of Polished Surfaces 40-20 Scratch-Dig
Surface Flatness λ/5 at 632.8 nm
Optically Polished Surfacesb S1, S2, and S3
Fine Ground Surfacesb All Surfaces Except S1, S2, and S3
Dimensional Tolerance ±0.15 mm
Angular Tolerance ±3 arcmin


These unmounted, uncoated Dove prisms are offered with six different square cross sections.

The two angled faces are typically used together to rotate an image, while the longest face can be used to retroreflect an image. The angled faces and longest face of our Dove prisms are optically polished surfaces. All other surfaces are fine ground to permit handling of the prism.

Dimensions of Unmounted Prismsa
Item # Prefix A B L
T-PS990 5 mm 7.1 mm 21.1 mm


Item # A L
T-PS990 5 mm 21.1 mm


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