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T-SM05PRR - SM05 (0.535"-40) Plastic Retaining Ring for Ø1/2" Lens Tubes and Mounts

Fosco Connect Part No.: T-SM05PRR

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T-SM05PRR - SM05 (0.535"-40) Plastic Retaining Ring for Ø1/2" Lens Tubes and Mounts

Product Drawing

  • Provide Gentler Contact with an Optic's Surfaces than Standard Retaining Rings
  • Clear Aperture Ø0.44" (Ø11.0 mm)
  • Plastic Retaining Ring
  • Thread SM05 (0.535"-40)
  • Thickness 0.08" (2.0 mm)
  • The T-SM05PRR and T-SM1PRR Delrin (Plastic) Retaining Rings provide gentler contact with the surface of optics than our standard retaining rings. They are compatible with any internally T-SM05- or T-SM1-threaded optic mount, respectively.

Each of these plastic retaining rings is thicker than the standard retaining ring of the same diameter featured above. Please note that due to the increased thickness, the maximum optic thickness that can be accommodated inside our standard T-SM05- and T-SM1-compatible mounts will be slightly diminished. In addition, the clear aperture of T-SM1PRR plastic retaining ring is slightly reduced compared to its standard counterpart.

SM05 (0.535"-40.0) Threading
Internal Thread, UNS-2B External Thread, UNS-2A
Min Major Diameter 0.5350" Max Major Diameter 0.5340"
Min Pitch Diameter 0.5188" Min Major Diameter 0.5289"
Max Pitch Diameter 0.5230" Max Pitch Diameter 0.5178"
Min Minor Diameter
(and 83.3% of Thread)
0.508" Min Pitch Diameter 0.5146"
Max Minor Diameter
(and 64.9% of Thread)
0.514" Max Minor Diameter 0.5069"



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