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T-SM1LTRR - SM1 (1.035"-40) Stress-Free Retaining Ring

Fosco Connect Part No.: T-SM1LTRR

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T-SM1LTRR - SM1 (1.035"-40) Stress-Free Retaining Ring

Product Drawing

  • Design Provides Reduced Stress Clamping Action
  • Provides Light-Tight Seal Around an Optic
  • Clear Aperture Ø0.82" (Ø20.8 mm)
  • Thread SM1 (1.035"-40)
  • Thickness 0.16" (4.1 mm)
  • Compatible Spanner Wrench T-SPW602 SPW606 or T-SPW801
  • Compatible Optic Mounts Any Internally SM1-Threaded Mount

Our Stress-Free Retaining Rings are available with our standard SM05, SM1, or SM2 threadings.

This design uses an O-ring made of Buna-N nitrile rubber to reduce the stress on the optic surface and completely seal out sources of stray light.

Like our standard retaining rings, our stress-free retaining rings contain two slots for compatibility with our selection of spanner wrenches.

SM1 (1.035"-40.0) Threading
Internal Thread, UNS-2B External Thread, UNS-2A
Min Major Diameter 1.0350" Max Major Diameter 1.0339"
Min Pitch Diameter 1.0188" Min Major Diameter 1.0288"
Max Pitch Diameter 1.0234" Max Pitch Diameter 1.0177"
Min Minor Diameter
(and 83.3% of Thread)
1.008" Min Pitch Diameter 1.0142"
Max Minor Diameter
(and 64.9% of Thread)
1.014" Max Minor Diameter 1.0068"


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