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T-VFS5021 - 5 mL Vial, Ø20.5 mm, Fused Silica

Fosco Connect Part No.: T-VFS5021

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T-VFS5021 - 5 mL Vial, Ø20.5 mm, Fused Silica

Product Drawing

The T-VFS1512 and T-VFS5021 Fused Silica Vials can hold 1.5 mL or 5 mL, respectively, of a liquid sample. The fused silica composition of the vials makes them suitable for Raman spectroscopy applications, where the low background signal of fused silica improves measurement sensitivity. The broad UV to NIR transmission window of fused silica makes these vials suitable for a range of other spectroscopy applications.

Both vials include a cap that screws onto the threaded top of the vial base. A PTFE septum attached to the cap protects the sample from environmental contamination when the cap is fully screwed on.



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