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TH-CC158P - Locking V-Groove Mount for Ø1.58 mm PC Connectors

Fosco Connect Part No.: TH-CC158P

  • $ 1,720.00 or

TH-CC158P - Locking V-Groove Mount for Ø1.58 mm PC Connectors

  • Mounts for Connectors with Ø1.25 to Ø2.5 mm Ferrules
  • Each Mount Requires Calibration with Reference Tool (Sold Separately Below)
  • Locking V-Groove Design Ensures Stable, Repeatable Connection
Mount and Reference Tool Selection Guide
Locking V-Groove
Mount Item #
Compatible Connector Type Required Reference
Tool Item #
CC125LP Ø1.25 mm Ferrule LC/PC Connectors RT125P
CCDUPLP Ø1.25 mm Ferrule Duplex LC/PC Connectors RT125P
CCLMFA Ø1.25 mm Ferrule LC/MU/F3000 APC Connectors RT125A
CC125LAF Ø1.25 mm Ferrule LC/APC Connectors (Flex Mount) RT125A
CC125LA Ø1.25 mm Ferrule Luxcis APC Connectors RT125LA
CC158P Ø1.58 mm Ferrule PC Connectors RT158P
CC200P Ø2.00 mm Ferrule PC Connectors RT200P
CC250P Ø2.50 mm Ferrule PC Connectors RT250P
CCDUPSP Ø2.50 mm Ferrule Duplex SC/PC Connectors RT250P
CC250A Ø2.50 mm Ferrule FC/APC Connectors RT250SA
CCE20A Ø2.50 mm Ferrule E2000 APC Connectors RT250SA
CC250SA Ø2.50 mm Ferrule SC/APC Connectors RT250SA
CC250SAF Ø2.50 mm Ferrule SC/APC Connectors (Flex Mount) RT250SA
CC250SA9 Ø2.50 mm Ferrule 9° SC/APC Connectors RT250SA9


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