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TH-DT12-M - 12.7 mm Dovetail Translation Stage, M4 Taps

Fosco Connect Part No.: TH-DT12-M

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TH-DT12-M - 12.7 mm Dovetail Translation Stage, M4 Taps

Product Specification Sheet

The TH-DT12(-M) is a compact, 1/2" (12.7 mm) translation stage that incorporates a dovetail and lead screw translation mechanism for smooth linear positioning along the entire range of travel. The mounting platform is a 1.0" (25.4 mm) square that is translated using a precision M3 x 0.35 adjuster. The moving platform can be locked using a side-located setscrew and 0.05" hex key to guard against accidental movement. The top and bottom plates feature an 8-32 (M4) tap for a variety of mounting options. The maximum screw insertion depth for both of these taps is 9/64" (3.5 mm).

Multi-axis configurations using two or three TH-DT12 stages are available below. However, two TH-DT12 stages can be attached perpendicularly to one another using the TH-DT12A Angle Bracket or DT12RA Rotation Adapter.



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