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TH-EDU-3D1/M - Polarization and 3D Cinema Technology Kit, Metric

Fosco Connect Part No.: THEDU-3D1-M

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TH-EDU-3D1-M - Polarization and 3D Cinema Technology Kit, Metric

The Polarization and 3D Cinema Technology Kit includes components and instructions for building three 3D projection setups. The theory and tools to construct three other experiments that study the interaction of polarized light with optical elements such as wave plates and polarizers are also provided. Experiments include:

  • Measuring the Light Transmission Through Polarizers to Understand Malus' Law
  • Measuring the Polarization State of a Laser
  • Measuring the Sugar Concentation in a Beverage via Polarization Rotation
  • Examining Stress-Induced Birefringence
  • Examining the Properties of RealD™ 3D Glasses
  • Setting Up 3D Projections Using Three Methods
    • Red-Cyan Anaglyph Images
    • Linearly Polarized Light
    • RealD Method (Circularly Polarized Light)


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