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TH-EDU-MINT2/M - Michelson Interferometer Educational Kit, Metric

Fosco Connect Part No.: THEDU-MINT2-M

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TH-EDU-MINT2/M - Michelson Interferometer Educational Kit, Metric

Michelson Interferometer Educational Kit

  • Designed for Educational, Demonstration, and Classroom Use
  • Complete Photonics Kit Includes All Hardware Except Variable Power Supply for the Thermal Expansion Experiment (12 VDC, 2 A)
  • Extensive Manual and Teaching Materials Provided
  • Easy to Assemble and Use
  • Choose from Educational Kits Containing Imperial or Metric Components
Underlying Concept Use a Michelson Interferometer as a Sensitive Instrument for
Measuring Physical Properties
Light Sources Laser (Class 2), Red LED, White LED
Breadboard Steel Breadboard, 12" x 18" (30 cm x 45 cm)
with Intrinsic Damping to
Decrease the Effect of Vibrations
Other Accessories
Additional Beamsplitter to Observe Second Interferometer Output

Plexiglas® Plates and Rotation Mount
for Refractive Index Measurements

Aluminum Rod, Heater, and Thermometer
for Thermal Expansion Coefficient Measurement
Educational Aspects
  • Build and Examine the Properties of a Michelson Interferometer
  • Examine the Second Output of the Interferometer
  • Use the Interferometer as a Sensitive Spectrometer
  • Generate White Light Interference
  • Learn how the Interference Pattern is Affected by the Coherence Length of the Source
  • Use the Interferometer to Measure the Physical Properties of Materials
    • Refractive Index of Plexiglas® Plates
    • Thermal Expansion Coefficient of an Aluminum Rod


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