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TH-EDU-OT3/M - Portable Optical Tweezers Educational Kit, Metric

Fosco Connect Part No.: THEDU-OT3-M

  • $ 12,750.50 or

TH-EDU-OT3-M - Portable Optical Tweezers Educational Kit, Metric

  • Complete Photonics Kit Includes All Hardware and Tools (Computer Not Included)
  • Includes Extensive Manual for Easy Assembly and Use
  • Sample Preparation Kit Optimized for Use with Optical Tweezers Sold Separately Below

TH-EDU-OT3/(M) Optical Tweezers Educational Kit includes the components to build optical tweezers (also known as an optical trap). It features an easy-to-construct optical path and sample positioning stage, a visible laser source, and a camera system. The educational kit is assembled on a 30 cm x 60 cm (1' x 2') aluminum optical breadboard (included) and can be easily moved for demonstration purposes without needing realignment.



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