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TH-FCS3 - Precision Fiber Cleaning Fluid

Fosco Connect Part No.: TH-FCS3

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TH-FCS3 - Precision Fiber Cleaning Fluid

Product Specification Sheet

  • Fiber Connector Cleaning Fluid or Cleaning Sticks
  • Ideal Replacements for IPA and/or Acetone

The TH-FCS3 TravelSAFE* Fiber Connector Cleaning Fluid is an optical-grade, fast drying cleaning solution engineered for cleaning connectors within alignment sleeves. It is an ozone-safe can that removes fingerprints, light oils, dust, fibers, water spots, and surface films from fiber components, and it can be used with the TH-MCC25 Connector Cleaning Sticks or LFW90 Wipes (sold below). The TH-FCS3 provides over 400 cleanings.

The TH-MCC25 Connector Cleaning Sticks are molded swabs clean entire end faces. It conforms to the geometry of connector end faces to trap more particulates than fabric-style cleaning sticks. It is made without fabric, foam, glue, or particulates.

For tips on using the TH-FCS3 and TH-MCC25, please see the Fiber Cleaning Techniques tab above.

*TravelSAFE designation indicates that the product is safe for air shipment.



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