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TH-LFW90 - Lint-Free Wipes, 90 Sheets Per Tub

Fosco Connect Part No.: TH-LFW90

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TH-LFW90 - Lint-Free Wipes, 90 Sheets Per Tub

  • TH-LFW90 Lint-Free Wipes Clean Fiber and Connector End Faces
  • The TH-LFW90 Lint-Free Wipes are ideal for cleaning fiber and connector end faces. Included are ninety 2" x 4" sheets per tub. The TH-KW32 Kimwipes Tissues are durable, low-lint sheets and are appropriate for cleaning optical fiber connectors between polishing steps. Please note that Kimwipes are sold in cases, with 12 boxes per case and 280 Kimwipes per box, and partial cases cannot be provided. Kimwipes are not ideal for cleaning optics. 

    Kimwipes® is a registered trademark of the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.



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