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TH-MX40A - Benchtop Modulator Driver, 40 Gb/s Max

Fosco Connect Part No.: THMX40A

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TH-MX40A - Benchtop Modulator Driver, 40 Gb/s Max

Product Drawing

Optical Input Power 20 dBm (Maximum)
22 dBm (Absolute Max.)
External Laser Wavelength Range 1250 - 1610 nm
Power Calibration Points 1310 nm, 1550 nm, and 1590 nm
Maximum Bit Rate (Digital Signal) 40 Gb/s
Small Signal Bandwidtha 20 GHz
Low Frequency Cutoff 100 kHz
Amplifier RF Input (Linear Response)b 120 mV (Maximum)
Amplifier RF Input (Digital Mode)c 400 mV (Typical)
4 V (Maximum)
6 V (Absolute Max)
Maximum Amplifier DC Input ±10 V
Maximum Bias Voltage to Modulator ±10 V (≥50 Ω Input Impedance)
Internal Fiber PM Ports: PM PANDA-Style Fiber
SM Port: SMF-28-Compatible Fiber
Fiber Connectors FC/PC, 2.0 mm Narrow Key
Electrical Connectors SMA Female
Internal Amplifier
Rise/Fall Timed 8 ps
RF Amplifier Gain 30 dB
RF Amplifier Maximum Output Swing 3 V - 7 V (Adjustable)
Electrical Return Losse -10 dB (Typical)
Internal Control
Power Monitor Accuracy ±0.5 dBm at Power Calibration Points
Power Monitor Resolution 0.01 dBm
Power Monitor Insertion Loss (Typical) 0.1 dB per Monitor
VOA Insertion Loss (Typical) 0.4 dB
VOA Attenuation 20 dB (Max)
VOA Response Time 1 s
Power and Environmental Specifications
Parameter Min Max
Main AC Voltage 100 VAC 250 VAC
Power Consumption - 60 VA
Line Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz
Operating Temperature 10 °C 40 °C
Storage Temperature 0 °C 50 °C
Humiditya 5% Relative Humidity 85% Relative Humidity


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