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TH-OTKBTK - Optical Tweezer Kit - Sample Preparation Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: THOTKBTK

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TH-OTKBTK - Optical Tweezer Kit - Sample Preparation Kit


The OTKBTK is designed for use with optical tweezers systems (such as the OTM200, OTKB, EDU-OT1) and allows users to quickly prepare a sample and test trapping.


Test Kit Contents Non-Drying Immersion Oil for Microscopy, Cargille Type /') Bangs Laboratories, Inc. P/N SS04N/9857 Non-Functionalized Fused Silica Beads in Deionized Water, Ø2.06 μm, 2 g/mL Recommended Storage Temperature: 2 °C to 8 °C Mini Pipette with a 50 μL Volume Two Plastic Slides with Built-In Channel, 400 μm Height, 100 μL Volume, No.1.5 (0.18 mm Thick) Cover Slip 5 Microscope Glass Slides with Reaction Wells, 20 μm Deep, 10 mm Diameter; 100 Pieces of 18 mm x 18 mm Cover Glass, No.1.5 Thickness Dropper for Immersion Oil

Cleaning and Storage

1. The plastic slide’s built-in channel can be cleaned by running tap water through the channel inlet and outlet several times. After it is rinsed out, allow it to dry.

2. The mini pipette used to draw fused silica bead solution should always be rinsed out after use.

3. We recommend storing the fused silica bead solution in a refrigerator when not in use to prolong its shelf life.



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