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TH-T4119 - 50 Ω BNC Feed-Through Terminator

Fosco Connect Part No.: TH-T4119

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TH-T4119 - 50 Ω BNC Feed-Through Terminator

THIS two feed-through (in-line) terminators: the TH-VT2 variable resistance terminator and the TH-T4119 fixed 50 Ω terminator.

Variable Resistance BNC Terminator
This variable terminator allows the user to choose from eight discrete resistance values ranging from 50 Ω to 100 kΩ (see table to the right). Change the resistance by turning the dial inside the housing until the desired value appears in the window on the front of the housing. The resistance dial has two accessible grip points located on opposite sides of the housing. Please note that as the resistance is increased above 50 Ω the bandwidth will be decreased due to back reflections; at these higher resistance values, as the cable becomes longer the bandwidth will decrease further.



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