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TH-TS10 - Vacuum Epoxy, Low Vapor Pressure - Two Part

Fosco Connect Part No.: TH-TS10

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TH-TS10 - Vacuum Epoxy, Low Vapor Pressure - Two Part

Product Specification Sheet

  • Seals Leaks in Vacuum Equipment Down to 10-9 Torr
  • Forms a Reliable, High Strength, Long-Term Bond with Metals, Ceramics, or Glass
  • No Solvent Necessary to Evaporate
  • At Room Temperature: Hardens in 3 to 4 Hours, Cures in 72 Hours
  • Cures in 2 Hours at 60 °C, in 1 Hour at 82 °C, or in 20 to 30 Minutes at 121 °C
  • Mixing Ratio (by Volume): 2.5 Parts Resin to 1 Part Hardener
  • 82 g (2.9 oz) Base Resin, 36 g (1.3 oz) Hardener

Please note that epoxy resins are prone to solidification or crystallization. If this occurs, the product can easily be returned to a liquid state by immersing the tube in warm [approximately 100 °F (38 °C)] water for 30 minutes. Ensure all material is melted prior to use. Allow the resin component to return to room temperature prior to mixing with the hardener.

This epoxy resin is classified as a dangerous good in some countries. Depending on the delivery location, this item may need to be shipped separately from the rest of your order at an additional charge. Please contact our sales department if there are questions or concerns when placing an order for this item.



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