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TheFibers HUXCleaner 1.25mm In-Adapter Ferrule Cleaner

Fosco Connect Part No.: S1-952X100

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The HUXCleaner is the world's first pen-type in-adapter ferrule cleaner. Clean critical optical fiber ferrule connections without removing them from the adapter. The 1.25 mm model is designed to fit precisely into LC and MU female ferrules. Pocket-sized pen is filled with advanced cleaning fiber that provides better water and oil suction than swabs. Performs approx. 500 cleanings.

The newest upgrade to the HUXCleaner-1.25 is that the cleaning area was extended to 600µm where other cleaners only cover up to 400µm. The HUXCleaner-1.25 also does not damage the inside of optical modules since it is not a push-click type fiber cleaner. A simple rotation on the pen is all it takes.

This 1.25-mm tool is designed precisely for the depth of LC and MU ferrules. Insert cleaning tip inside adaptor. Turn rotator clockwise one to two clicks to remove dirty fiber. For better cleaning, turn body two to three times before turning rotator.

Perform about 500 cleanings quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost of 500 swabs. Tool's fiber gauge window shows how much of the 145-mm cleaning fiber length remains. the cap prevents contamination.



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