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THL-ACL83 - Replacement Diamond Cleave Blade

Fosco Connect Part No.: THL-ACL83

  • $ 1,125.00 or

THL-ACL83 - Replacement Diamond Cleave Blade

  • Replacement Blade for Our Fiber Cleaving Systems (See List to the Right)
  • 0.08" (2.0 mm) Long Diamond Blade
  • User Installable

Compatible Systems

  • THL-CAC400 and THL-CAC400A Fiber Cleavers
  • THL-LDC401 and THL-LDC401A Fiber Cleavers
  • THL-LDC450B Portable Fiber Cleaver
  • THL-GPX3800 and THL-GPX3850 Automated Glass Processors with Cleavers
  • THL-FFS2000 and THL-FFS2000PT Fiber Preparation and Splicing Workstations
  • THL-FFS2000PM and THL-FFS2000WS Fiber Preparation, Splicing,
    and Proof Testing Workstations
  • Former Generation THL-LDC-200 Fiber Cleaver


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