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THL-FTV7 Tungsten Fusion Splicing Filament for the FSX2000PM and FFS Series

Fosco Connect Part No.: THL-FTV7

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THL-FTV7 Tungsten Fusion Splicing Filament for the THL-FSX2000PM and FFS Series

  • Two Options Available:
    • THL-FTV7 Tungsten Filament Ideal for Most Applications
    • THL-ETV7 Iridium Filament Ideal for Soft Glass Fibers
  • Omega Shape Provides Uniform Concentric Heat Source

There are two available fusion splicing filaments for the all-in-one workstation. The THL-FTV7 tungsten filament is ideal for most splicing applications, while the THL-ETV7 iridium filament is ideal for soft glass fibers. The omega-shaped filament is housed in an included mount and is easily replaced by the end user. The omega shape provides a uniform concentric heat source for fusing the fiber tips and for an optional post-fusion fire polishing step. Filament lifetimes will depend upon the particular splicing parameters used but are typically about 40 minutes

Filament Assembly Specifications
Item # Filament
Fiber Cladding Diameter (Min / Max)
FTV7 Tungsten 80 µm / 200 µm
ETV7 Iridium 80 µm / 200 µm


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