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THL-LCM10 CO2 Laser Fiber Cutter

Fosco Connect Part No.: THL-LCM10

  • $ 45,585.00 or

THL-LCM10 CO2 Laser Fiber Cutter

  • Cut Glass Fibers up to Ø1500 µm and Epoxy Beads up to Ø3 mm
  • Includes FC/PC, SC, SMA, MT, and LC Connector Mounts
  • Includes Two Cannula Stops:
    • Ø1.25 mm Cannula Stop for LC Connector Mount
    • Ø2.5 mm Cannula Stop for FC/PC & SC Connector Mount
  • CO2 Laser Cutter with Touchscreen Control
  • Ethernet Connectivity for Diagnostics


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