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THL-S90R - Ruby DualScribe Fiber Optic Scribe

Fosco Connect Part No.: THL-S90R

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THL-S90R - Ruby DualScribe Fiber Optic Scribe

  • 30°, Single Bevel, Ruby Tip
  • 5.2 mm to 5.5 mm Long Contact Area Aids Cleaving of Large-Core Fiber
  • Cleave Bare Fiber to Produce Optical Quality Surfaces
  • Scribe Excess Fiber from the Connector Ferrule in Preparation for Polishing

This Ruby Fiber Scribe has a 30°, single bevel, ruby blade with a 5.2 mm to 5.5 mm long contact area. The blade is reversible, which doubles the life of the scribe (see below for details). However, replacement blades are not available. The soft, non-slip grip provides precise control during scribing. The scribe is approximately 5" long from end to end. Each scribe comes with a clear safety cap to protect the blade from damage when not in use.



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