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THL-USC2Y15 15 mm Spacer for Vytran Nest

Fosco Connect Part No.: THL-USC2Y15

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THL-USC2Y15 15 mm Spacer for Vytran Nest 

  • Enable Greater Flexibility When Using the USC2NVT Vytran Nest
  • Spacers for Recessing Inserts Farther Back in the Vytran Nest
  • USC2CL Clamp to Retain Non-Magnetic Vytran Transfer Bottom Inserts

Spacers attach to the back of the USC2NVT Vytran Nest and enable inserts to be held farther back from the end of the dunking jig, as shown in the photo directly to the right. This is useful in configurations where the fiber processor user needs to have the strip interface further from the surface of the solvent than the knurled adjuster will allow.

There are two types of spacers. The 5 and 10 mm spacers are designed to attract the magnets on the bottom magnetic inserts. The 15 and 20 mm spacers feature a "Y" shape, and the side material serves to attract the side magnets of the insert. All spacers are positioned by two dowel pins protruding from the back of the nest and are held in place magnetically.



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