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THL-VHD125S - Side-by-Side Fiber Holder Bottom Insert, Ø125 µm / Ø125 µm

Fosco Connect Part No.: THL-VHD125S

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THL-VHD125S - Side-by-Side Fiber Holder Bottom Insert, Ø125 µm / Ø125 µm

  • Bottom Inserts with Grooves for Holding Multiple Fibers
  • Used When Creating Fused Couplers or Combiners
  • Vacuum Holes for Aligning Fibers in V-Grooves or Slots
  • Multiple Insert Types Available (See Table for Options)

Multi-Fiber Inserts are designed for applications requiring two or three fibers to be tapered and fused together, such as when making wavelength division multiplexers, fused fiber couplers, or power combiners.

Side-by-side inserts have a U-shaped groove for holding two fibers tightly together in parallel. Double-V-slot inserts feature two parallel V-grooves on the same side of the insert that each hold a single fiber. The VHD320P insert additionally features offset adjustment pins that are used to bring the two fibers in close contact during splicing (see photo to the left). Triple-V-slot inserts have a V-groove in the middle and two V-grooves adjacent on both sides that allow a signal fiber to be fused with two pump fibers.

These bottom inserts are magnetically held within the fiber holding blocks of the glass processors and other compatible systems. The grooves machined into the inserts ensure the fiber is centered within the fiber holder. Vacuum holes at the bottom of the transfer inserts are used for holding and aligning small fibers within the V-groove. Recommended top inserts for each multi-fiber insert are indicated in the table to the right. Alignment of the fibers will not be maintained when these inserts are transferred between systems.

Item # Accepted Diameters Recommended
Top Inserta
125 µm / 125 µm VHA00
250 µm / 250 µm
320 µm / 320 µm
250 µm / 250 µm
320 µm / 320 µm
THL-VHD320P 320 µm / 320 µm
250 µm / 250 µm / 250 µm
250 µm / 400 µm / 250 µm
250 µm / 500 µm / 250 µm
300 µm / 350 µm / 300 µm
300 µm / 400 µm / 300 µm
THL-VHS320550 320 µm / 550 µm / 320 µm VHA05


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