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THL-VHW400 - Fiber Holder Insert Set for FWS100 Window Stripper, Ø400 µm

Fosco Connect Part No.: THL-VHW400

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THL-VHW400 - Fiber Holder Insert Set for FWS100 Window Stripper, Ø400 µm 

  • One is Required to Use the FWS100 Window Stripper
    • VHW250: Accepts Ø100 µm - Ø250 µm Fiber
    • VHW400: Accepts Ø400 µm Fiber
    • VHW500: Accepts Ø500 µm Fiber
  • Bottom Inserts Grip Fiber within the Rotation Barrels
  • Front Guides Keep Fiber Close to the Center of Rotation

A Fiber Holder Insert Set must be purchased with the FWS100 window stripper to secure the fiber. Each set includes two bottom inserts and two front guides. Each insert is designed to grip the fiber within the rotation barrels. The guides sit beside the barrels and keep the fiber close to the center of rotation.

We offer three fiber holder insert sets that are compatible with specific fiber coating diameters: VHW250 for Ø100 µm to Ø250 µm, VHW400 for Ø400 µm, and VHW500 for Ø500 µm. The VHW250 set has inserts equipped with rubber where the fiber is placed and guides for a range of smaller fibers. The VHW400 and VHW500 sets have inserts with a V-groove designed to hold Ø400 µm or Ø500 µm coated fibers, respectively. Both of these sets include the same front guides, which support Ø400 µm to Ø500 µm coated fiber. Each V-groove insert and each guide is engraved with the largest compatible fiber coating diameter, in microns.

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