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Fiber optic O/E converter with FC connector input, amplified 125MHz

Terahertz Technologies Part No.: TIA-525IFC

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Fiber optic O/E converter with FC connector input, amplified 125MHz

The TIA-525 Optical to Electrical Converter is a convenient battery-operated detector/amplifier combination that mounts directly on the input of an oscilloscope, digitizer, or other readout device. With a band width of DC to 125 MHz, it accurately provides an electrical replica of the optical signal presented to it. It is fully capable of driving a 50 ohm cable terminated in its characteristic load.

Two basic models of the unit exist; the TIA-525 S, containing a silicon detector for use in the spectral region between 400 and 1000 nm, and the TIA-525 I which contains an Indium-Gallium-Arsenide detector and is responsive in the 900 to 1700 nm spectral region. Both units are equipped with an ST fiber optic connector. Custom versions are also available with unconnectorized detectors for
free-space beams.

The TIA-525 has selectable transimpedances of 1.4 K and 14 K plus a post amplifier with selectable gains of 1 or 10. Thus the overall responsivity ranges from approximately 1,000 V/W to 100,000 V/W at the peak of the detector response curve. Interstage coupling may be switched from DC to AC to avoid saturation of the second stage in those cases where the signal of interest is combined with a relatively large DC optical component.

Each unit is powered by a self-contained 9 V lithium battery or a universal wall mount power supply. Battery operation eliminates ground loops and the undesirable effects of conducted radiation that may be present on local power lines.

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TIA-525 O/E Converter Specification



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