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Fiber optic O/E converter with FC connector input, amplified 750MHz

Terahertz Technologies Part No.: TIA-950FC

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Fiber optic O/E converter with FC connector input, amplified 750MHz

The TIA-950 is the optimum instrument for the laboratory or for field use. This optical receiver can be used with a wide range of oscilloscopes and digitizers to provide the utility of a convenient, easy to use fiber optic probe. This compact unit mounts directly on the BNC input of an oscilloscope. Energizing the unit, the optical signal presented to it is faithfully reproduced on the CRT of the oscilloscope or digitizer.

Applications for this instrument include: checking the output of fiber optic communication links, data links, fiber optic computer networks, the operation of laser sources, and the signal from an optical transmitter.

Adapters are available for fiber optic connector compatibility.

Gains are switch selected and provide peak responsivity values of approximately 1200 to 12000 volts per watt at the peak of the detector response curve.

AC coupling between stages may be introduced so that weak signals in the presence of a strong DC signal may be examined.

The TIA-950 electrical bandwidth exceeds 750 MHz in the low gain position and 250 MHz in the high gain position.

The output stage of the TIA-950 is fully capable of driving a 50 ohm coaxial cable terminated in its characteristic impedance.

The InGaAs detector covers the 900 to 1700 nm spectral region.The TIA-950 comes standard with a FC fiber optic connector.

Powered by a 9V Lithium battery, the TIA-950 provides true electrical isolation from power lines and ground loops.

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TIA-950 O/E Converter Specification



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